Butter Pecan Pound Cake

Butter Pecan Pound Cake

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Grannies Butter Pecan pound cake was created experimenting in the kitchen one day. It’s made with the original recipe with pecans added. Each pound cake is made with tender loving care.

Grannies pound cakes are made with the finest ingredients. After cooling down each cake has its own unique look. Some have a cookie like crust around the edge. No matter the look your taste buds will recognize the homemade taste of Grannies Pound Cake. The cakes come ready to eat in baking loafs sealed in our classic packaging for that moist and tasty freshness.

If you want that just out the oven taste, pop cakes in microwave for 10 seconds after opening package. If you want to save for, later put cakes in the freezer. Fresh homemade taste is still present after thawed.

Sometimes we know the mini pound cakes are not enough, if so, whole cakes are available when ordered 7 business days in advance. Holiday orders require a two-week notice. Please email us at info@granniespoundcakes.com regarding whole cake orders and any questions you may have.